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Rarity Bay in East TN

John and Kim at the Commodore's Ball

John and I moved to Knoxville (Farragut) in Nov 1992 and were here a little more than two years, departing Jan 1995. Our short stint here in TN was for work reasons. We left in Jan 1995 when John was recruited to work for another company, but kept our house as a rental with the thought we might come back.We had both worked and lived many other terrific places before and after 1995, and in 2005 knew we were within two years of John’s retirement so needed to get serious about deciding where to retire to. We were living in Charlotte NC and enjoyed our time there, but learned something about ourselves – – that having a view of water and mountains was a real quality of life consideration for us. We knew we wouldn’t move permanently to a place that didn’t have a view of some sort.We came back to Knoxville over the 4th of Jul 2005 weekend and revisited the Farragut area. We found that although the wonderful Turkey Creek shopping area had been built (we love movies and eating out a lot) that our view from the house we kept was not the same – the hills we looked out over had been developed and it wasn’t the pastoral view that we had in the 1992 – 1995 timeframe. We still loved the lake, but thought we could do better re the view. NOTE: about the lake, we wanted to be close to or on the TVA lake system because the water here is warm and clean, and you can go so many fun places by boat as opposed to a small land locked lake.During that July 4th weekend visit, we stumbled onto an ad for Rarity Bay in a Land and Homes Magazine, and decided to drive out to see what it was all about. We had acquired two horses too while in Charlotte, so needed to find a suitable place for them to be boarded and this aspect of Rarity Bay was very appealing to us.

Well, the drive was pretty long from Farragut to Rarity Bay – down highway 321, over the dam, on to 444, etc., but when we came to the gates – we were bowled over. We found our views.. everywhere. We were very positively inclined, but went home to Charlotte to think about whether the distance away from Turkey Creek, etc., would become a problem for us. We concluded that there was so much of Rarity Bay that we loved and couldn’t find anywhere else, that we would go for it, make the investment at Rarity Bay and find ways to make the drive to town “fun”.

In 2006, we bought our lot at The Bluffs and were so thrilled with the view that we began the building process. We moved in on Jul 2nd 2008 and could not be happier with our decision. We still wake up every day pinching ourselves that we really live here! We know most of the local haunts in Madisonville, Sweetwater, Vonore, Tellico Plains, etc., and love the small town-ness of it all. The local residents are wonderful and we both have our favorite volunteering outlets and church opportunities in Vonore and Madisonville that help us build those local relationships.

The one thing we had no way of knowing anything about is the Rarity Bay community. Our builder told us about the Rarity Bay Women’s Club (RBWC) and that it “runs everything”. So I joined the RBWC as a non-resident while were building our home and still living in Charlotte so I could get emails and access to the RBWC webpage to see what kinds of fun things were going on. I’ve become more involved in the RBWC and this year have the honor of serving as the President with a wonderful group of ladies who I will count as life long friends. John is on the 1st Responders and Boys and Girls Club boards and is happy to be lending his time to such valuable organizations.

Both John and I were embraced by this community like none we’ve ever lived in before. It may be a retirement community, but some of us are still not at retirement age (I’m 53). Some are of retirement age and still working part time or are completely retired. But either way, for all of us our opportunities for fun (and our calendars) have never been fuller. We cannot say enough about the dear friends we’ve made here and how much like a family it is. Neither John nor I are golfers or tennis players, but we are boaters and are members of the RB Yacht Club which is a ball. We have connected with nearly all the residents of Rarity Bay through the fun get-togethers the RBWC and RBYC organize, and count ourselves the luckiest of folks to have found this wonderful community.


Ron and Diana Walker

Ron and Diana Walker

We had been engaged in our search for prospective retirement locality candidates for more than five years. Changes in our lives in the Spring of 2012 escalated our search from a largely passive one to one focused on filtering what we had looked at previously, reaching a short list of final candidates, and trying to reach an informed decision with which we felt we could live given our changed circumstances. We had looked throughout the southeastern US w/ our focus having arrived at a half dozen or more locations & communities in Florida, North Carolina, & Tennessee, all of which we could have been well satisfied. Strangely enough, Rarity Bay was not included among that short list of communities, although we found ourselves repeatedly visiting East Tennessee examining a number of different prospective communities. During one of those repeated visits to East Tennessee, our sojourn took us to an unplanned look at Rarity Bay. We stumbled onto Rarity Bay on a warm, spring Sunday morning in mid-March and encountered Linda, one of the gate guards at the entrance to Rarity Bay. From that initial encounter with Linda, who proved to be the consummate ambassador for Rarity Bay, we felt we had stumbled onto a well kept secret. We followed up on our initial chance encounter with Linda by doing further research & ultimately engaging the Rarity Bay & Rarity Pointe sales staff, where we eventually engaged Luke Noe, the Corporate VP of Sales. From our initial encounter with Luke, we knew we had found the place and it was just a matter of finding a lot that met our needs and conformed to our budget.We have come to look upon Luke as an adopted son who’s committed to the success & well being of his adopted parents! We have found him to be a consummate listener well attuned to our individual situation & desires. Long story short, through our entirely pleasant engagement with Luke, we quickly identified an excellent lot choice upon which to eventually build our “dream home”. Luke proved ultimately attentive to our wishes, and we quickly found ourselves becoming proud owners of Lot #485. Although we had not initially anticipated relocating to Rarity Bay and commencing the building of our retirement home for another 2-3 years, our experience with Luke and everyone among the Rarity Bay extended community with whom we had contact led us to escalate all our plans and begin the serious undertaking of selling our northern Virginia home & relocating to Rarity Bay ASAP! We now find ourselves in the midst of that ordeal. We perceive a true sense of community within Rarity Bay and have enjoyed every encounter we’ve had with countless folks associated with the community. We can’t wait to make the move and embark upon the next phase of our lives, which hopefully will ultimately prove to be the best time of our lives.What began as a somewhat passive search for our place in the sun less than six months ago led to a chance encounter with Linda, the Gate Guard, and consequently led to a serious engagement with Luke. We now find ourselves proud Rarity Bay property owners who are about to make the move of a lifetime. We anxiously look forward to becoming full-fledged members of the Rarity Bay family.

Ron & Diana Walker


Ken and Donna Cook

Ken and Donna Cook

Working with the Noe Team at Rarity Bay was like being with family, and people opened their homes to show the quality and workmanship. the area and people remind us of our home in upstate NY. By Lake George….so beautiful. Moving to Rarity Bay will be like seeing new friends again and coming home. So excited, Thanks again.Donna and Ken Cook

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