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Tennessee RetirementIf you are finalizing your “must visit” list of the best places to consider for your retirement, eastern Tennessee retirement at Tellico Lake and Rarity Bay are simply the best of the best. Whether you are downsizing with retirement plans to travel to places “far flung” or creating your own custom spaces to enjoy friends and family for extended visits – Tennessee Retirement at Rarity Bay on Tellico Lake has so much to offer you.The number of retirees choosing eastern Tennessee retirement continues to increase annually while many other historically favored regions have felt the impact of a changing economy. Why? If you ask those choosing east Tennessee retirement the number one reason they chose the location you will hear:

  • the low cost of living each day
  • centrally located with just an easy day’s drive to where we used to live or the places we want to visit
  • the natural beauty of the region affords us so much to do
  • we wanted to experience a moderate climate with continuing changes of seasons.
  • award-winning medical facilities
  • easy access to desired destinations by air, water or interstate roadways
  • I just love being able to wake up here every day.
Tennessee Retirement
Tellico Lake
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Rarity Bay

Surrounded by the tranquil waters of Lake Tellico, the 960-acre peninsula that is Rarity Bay offers supreme waterfront living.

Life At The Bay
And who would imagine that east Tennessee retirement would be about lakefront living at its absolute best! Extraordinary waterfront living can be defined in just two words – Tellico Lake. A pristine, water wonderland encompassing more than 16,000 acres of blue water surface, Tellico Lake is bordered by lakefront and river property simply second-to-none. Tellico Lake connects the Little Tennessee River and the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway to destinations throughout the southeastern United States and beyond.The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway:

  • is minutes from Rarity Bay via Tellico Lake
  • joins the Tennessee River in Northeast Mississippi
  • is 234 miles long
  • runs from Yellow Creek Port near Pickwick Lake to Demopolis, Alabama
  • is made up of 10 lakes and a series of locks and dams connecting to more than 44,000 acres of water surface

The “Tombigbee” provides a shorter navigational route from the interior of the United States to the Gulf of Mexico attracting east Tennessee retirees who desire to launch their water vessel from their private dock, enjoy boating, picnicking, swimming, camping, bird watching and site-seeing on their way to endless destinations.

Tennessee retirement with lakefront living isn’t just for boaters. When you discover the rare natural beauty of the Tellico Lake system, you will begin to know why waking up each day in eastern Tennessee becomes the most often stated reason why retirees choose Rarity Bay for their Tennessee retirement. The Tellico Lake Reservoir is home to an abundance of wildlife inhabitants. Lakefront and fringe wet-land vegetation includes species such as:

  • common cattail
  • button bush
  • silky dogwood
  • black willow
  • river alder

These wetlands stabilize the shoreline and disperse the energy of waves and currents, thereby reducing lakefront and shoreline erosion. Tellico Lake waterfront supports a diverse array of wetland-dependent wildlife including:

  • wood ducks
  • great blue and green-backed herons
  • red-winged blackbirds
  • mink

Lakefront and wildlife corridors are preserved throughout the Tellico Lake Reservoir to encourage natural habitats.

Tellico Lakefront property is dominated by vistas of the Great Smoky Mountains. Casting a majestic reflection on the endless water surface, the mountains take their name from their most common character; a blue, smoke like haze that usually hangs over the peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Tennessee retirement on Tellico Lakefront properties is home to water oriented recreational enthusiasts. These lake property owners are a combination of fisherman, skiers, pleasure boaters and persons on anchored watercraft in surrounding coves and bays. The development of residential related water-use and lakefront facilities is controlled by limiting the combined total of private docking along the lakefront. Tellico Lake recreational areas include public boat ramp facilities, day-use and trout and bass fishing areas for that relaxing Tennessee retirement.

Whether you desire living amidst breath-taking water views or a water wonderland of endless boating excitement, East Tennessee Retirement just doesn’t get any better than Rarity Bay on Tellico Lake.

And if your passion is Golf, Golf and just a little more time for Golf, exceptional East Tennessee Retirement on the Links is defined in two words, “Rarity Bay”. Earning national recognition as one of the region’s most aesthetically pleasing, total golf experiences, the 18-hole, par 72 course Rarity Bay golf course is both challenging and enjoyable for Tennessee retirement.

Tennessee Retirement

Tennessee Retirement

Equestrian Center

Check Out The Equestrian Center at Rarity Bay’s Tennessee Retirement Community

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